Who is RH Thomas Edsall?

 So he says to me, 'Tell me about yourself.' This question is always a painful one when it comes to most interview situations. Myself being aware of the need for self marketing and having the inclination to be a people pleaser respond, 'Im an artist in bankers clothing'. I would laugh, 'Im a mild mannered clerk during the day, sidelining as an artist at night.'

Self Portrait

 Humorous as I try to be, sometimes in the 'professional world' it may be all too easily misinterpreted. For a large part it says I am comfortable with myself and willing to make the best of what life offers. Sometimes it works, the rest of the time I have to keep talking to cover for my own bumbling idioms. I have worked in a professional office setting for several years now and have always 'side lined' as an artist in an attempt to keep my skills keen for the day I took the jump into a new career. (I related allot to Bob in The Incredibles.)

Artistic Talent
 I do like to call myself an artist and then narrow the field by saying I do illustration. Then the inevitable question as to what is my style of 'art'. It seems that when you say your an artist many people expect the atypical painter. Its not that its embarrassing to say I draw comic book style artwork, but that there is this misconception that those of us that draw upon this style are something less of an artist. I have to assure most that indeed this is work and something that I have exercised and practiced on to gain this 'talent'.
 As a practice I have drawn since I was too young to remember. My parents, having had several offspring before myself, allowed me and encouraged my interest in 'art'. So it all began when someone said hey you drew that Garfield really well. That positive feedback allowed me to grow and express myself through artistic mediums. I would continue to draw and sketch over the years all through high school and up into the Alberta college of art. Talent is fostered, encouraged and developed over years of repeated work. Its not a magical ability we are born with. Nurture your loves and be passionate and they will become great.

 Meeting the challenges in life is not beyond suspect of anyone. Adversity is a part of life and its how we approach it that makes or breaks us. I could reiterate dozens of other cliché like proverbs that everyone already has in there repository of things said to them when it got tough. Having a single event that causes a marked amount of stress is a relative challenge most will relate to. Being in a traffic accident, catching a nasty virus that puts you in bed for a week, these types of things are definitive set back in how we progress, however they are easily overcome with time.
 Recently I've had to recover from having a massive surgery to remove a tumorous growth in my chest. I had three ribs removed and some minor spinal surgery. Recovery is difficult, but in time I will be well and almost as good physically as I was before the surgery. This little obstacle in life has opened some mental space and forced me to recon with my future. It's those moments that makes or breaks you and I have had too many events in life break me, this time I had enough and will not let this put me down.

 Its in this adversity that I have found opportunity to work on this website and mentally prepare myself for going all out for my dreams. I still have a family to support, (daughter Elycia), but they are loving and supportive of my work as an artist (cough to a degree). I know I will find many more challenges over the next short while, but as I approach them, I'm going to gather as much energy and take as many tools from good supportive people as I can to tackle what adversity lies ahead.

The Ledsoul