Who or What is Ledsoul?

 Ledsoul, is simply the assumed pseudonym I use for myself. A great way to keep incognito online. It signifies very poignantly my artistic interest in drawing, specifically when referring about the led of a pencil.
 I could just end that explanation there as simple as that, however I feel the need to show more depth in my choice of words. Solid, unique, deep and adaptable, as an artist I strive for those qualities. The multiplicity in meaning for the word Led allows me many liberties. Attach a simple word that can have deep meaning and you get a juxtaposition in the form of a statement in short. Led Soul.



Breaking the name down
 Led represents an elemental mineral that has some interesting properties. First and foremost important to this site and me is in the pencil led, that was commonly used in drawing and writing prior to some getting stuck with it and poisoned, thus the invention of graphite. Elementally, it is a metallic substance that has the qualities of being heavy in physical mass, (a heavy metal to be precise), poisonous, soft and malleable yet not very well suited to being molded alone, but if only in alloy with other metals to form pewter. (Used to make wonderful die cast art.) Led is commonly also used in bullets and suits of armour that are protection against radiation as led is one of the only elements that has the property of reflecting subatomic particles, (Gamma, X-ray etc etc), veritably impenetrable.

 L.E.D - is as well an acronym for the ever-increasing popularity of the Light Emitting Diode. Thus in a very poetic sense, "I am only one tiny light emitting diode on this great motherboard we call Earth." - me.

 Led is also defined as one who is being driven or one who is following either by force or free will, that another guides one, be it ethereal or material. Also portrays a sense of lead, 'to be lead to cool waters', or to be lead unto the truth in the spirit of our Lord. It can also portray leadership, in connection of the second word soul. This can take on a much subtler deeper meaning. Example; Led horse, Led captain, Led Zeppelin.

 The later part of the name is also broadly used in meaning in juxtaposition with the word led, Soul is used to indicate a very close, spiritual and personal meaning of self worth and value. The Led Soul, when used in adjunct with the various meanings of Led, can take on different meanings. A soul is a person's whole and their deep inner being.

 Not refraining from that deeper meaning of the word soul, I hold it true as a philosophical point of perspective on art, that the soul of a great majority of art works starts with the led of a pencil, (or the likes), and holds that the core of every piece of work, there lies forgotten the very soul that was first penciled as a mere gesture or sketch.

 I enjoy multiplicity, of course that is not all there is to my name as the sound of it actually rings of my real last name (Edsall) and my Loves first initial. But that is only for those that know me very well.

 In the end... I prefer to let the readers make their own conclusions. J


"Meagre lead"

"Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath"

"Therefore, thou gaudy gold, Hard food for Midas,
I will none of thee;

Nor none of thee, (silver), thou pale and common
drudge'Tween man and man;

but thou, thou meagre Led,
Which rather threaten'st than dost promise aught,
Thy plainness moves me more than eloquence,
And here choose I. Joy be the consequence!"

~ Shakespear
The Ledsoul
(You could accept all my flourish of words and poetry to explain my name. Or you could also consider that several years ago while playing with my first 486 computer, playing with a trial version of AOL dialup, I was given the option of alternative names. When Edsall was already taken, it took the first initial of my wife's name and my last name and thus spelled, L.Edsall... thus I concluded... Ledsoul.)
Your choice, I like my story.