Home: Calgary
Alberta, Canada

Phone: (403) 289 4089
eMail:  ledsoul@ledsoul.com

Life Statement:

 To use my skills as an artist and work creatively. I love working with my hands and sharing ideas in a dynamic constructive environment.
 "With a man there is nothing better than that he should eat and indeed drink and cause his soul to see good because of his hard work."
                                                          - Ecclesiastical Proverb

Life Skills:
  Creative and imaginative, striving to find the original idea and express it in a way that excels other peoples imagination.
Strong Organomics Skills. Building good processes and layouts that create a functional and efficient work flow.
  Concern for the quality of completed work. Always ensuring that work is completed in the best way possible in order to make the client happy. (Known as a people pleaser)
 Collaborative, enjoying work group environments and taking both a supportive and leading position when called upon.
  Flexible and Adaptive, readily able to change settings and rework a schedule when necessary.
  Responsible and Honest, taking ownership for my actions. Understanding also that time and unforeseen circumstances can dictate the outcome of many situations. 'Learn from my mistakes.'

  Attended the Alberta College of Art and Design
 Taking relevant courses in Fundamental artistic design, along w
ith courses in english, psychology, history and culture.
  Graduated from George McDougal High School with Honours
 Awards in Art, Drama technical, Citizenship and Alumni.
Tech Skills:

  Computer Literate able to learn new programs quickly.
  Experienced in using most Windows operating systems.
  Functional knowledge of MS Office tools, Photoshop and many other computer and internet tools.
  Visual Organomics, records management and sorting skills.
  Customer service orientated with practical training in reception, telephone support, shipping receiving and cashier handling.
  Public speaking and group reading skills. Emphatic speaker  with 'radio quality' voice.
  Writing ability with a broad vocabulary.
  St. Johns Ambulance First Aid Training.

Work History:
 Technical Designer: Presently

Contacts / References: Available upon request


Life never finishes, but his is the end of this Vitae