Artistic Vision Statement
My Intent
 My work as an artist conveys my own interests in escapism through simply creating a minimalistic and simple approach to my subjects. I want to avoid complicating my visual references by subtracting those things that I find devalues the simplicity in its elements. Simplicity makes a picture easier for the eye to read quickly and understand the message or feeling that I am trying to convey.

My Motivation
 I as an artist live with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), a misnomer for an commonly misunderstood behavioral learning style. (Note: I am not ADHD, as I am not hyperactive.) ADD means I live in a world where simple tasks may take me much longer to complete because of the difficulty I have in focusing my attention. I would liken it as though you had to manually tune your thoughts like a radio station until you loose all the static and interference that blocks the signal. (Distractions are all to much like a bad reception. Any number of things can get in the way and you can loose the signal.)
 Like many other kinds of 'disorders' we learn to live with them and find ways of improving our ability to work around it. (Barring the use of drugs, as I do not beleive, nor wish to advocate, it to be a 'chemical' imbalance) ADD as I have known it is not a disabling or hugely impacting mental illness, nor would I want anyone to think it is. Having it only means that my mind is in a constant state of activity irregardless of the situation I am in. Meaning, where most who may find a focus on doing their immediate task on hand and be able to consider what they are doing after the task, someone with ADD would loose focus on the immediate task for the thoughts that are running in their mind. (This is the common problem with ADD) However, when one with ADD finds that focus that maintains their interest in their task they can do it with a certain accuity that only the passionate may have. That said, it is in this a person with ADD must struggle with to find that interest in where they need to focus, instead of the hundreds of other thoughts or interests they may have at any one point.
  Its a great feeling when an interest is found that you can hold on to. The worst feeling is when all interest is lost, that there is absolutely no focus anywhere and it usually ends depressingly, some call this boredom. Being bored should not be in the vocabulary of someone with an active mind. To say your bored means you have given up on finding an interest or in worst case scenario do not have the mental capacity to think of something to do. (My blunt point is, boredom is a fallacy and only the ignorant say such things.) Art is the greatest passion that drives my interests and captures my attention allowing me to focus on making great art. It keeps my mind active and in a constant state of creativity. Excersizing those mental muscles gives one a great ability to come up with brilliant ideas and dream of incredible possibilities.

Visual Organomics
  Finding the key to successfully working on a project means when I take one on, I work hard to maintain that interest that drives my energy to accomplish my tasks. In doing this I construct my world in a very organized, clean and visually directed way that allows me to remain focused. Simplification, Minimalism, Consistency and Visual linearity take importance when finding that clear mind. This is the basis of my Visual Organomics. Creating a system where things are ordered in a way to quickly reference an know where anything is at anyone point of time. This system is not just for those that struggle with focusing, but anyone would find the contruction of a organized environment to be mentally stimulating, if not in just the most subconscious maner. I could describe it as practicing the principles of artistic design in your environment. I am working on applying it to this website, making reference through out it as though it was drawn entirely on a peice of paper. (This is not too far from the truth of the mater.)

My Objective
 Over the years I have had several various, amature websites built on free domains and space that really had no more of an objective than to learn about building a website and having fun. It is here now that I really want to focus on my artwork and skills as an artist. This is a sort of vanity project portfolio to share how I am growing as an artist and learn to better my work and finally do something professionally.

Thank you and enjoy what I have to offer . . .
RH Thomas Edsall