Hominus Stickus

 Hominus Stickus, a humourous comic with a rudementary art that mocks itself and makes fun of an artist having fun at his own expense.

 They say that 80% of artists suffer from some sort of mental illness, of all things I should know about is being an artist then. The perception people have about 'mental illness' and 'madness' has much to do with our cultural references. What one considers ordinary another may consider perposterous.

 The things we do when we are young are excused as such are the things of youth. Yet if we attempt to do the same things that are excused as childish in our mature adulthood, it is not excused. We are to have reasoned out the things of youth in our older years. So the things of a young mind are unreasonable, insane or madness.

 Compare a Mental institute where a small functional group of probationary certified walkins are resident to that of the young mind that visits them and makes them his role models.

"You are only given a little spark of madness, you must not lose that madness." - Robin Williams on youth and madness

 Young Doodle subscribes to the notion that his uncle Art and his fellow group home in-mates are a wealth of information on the world.

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