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What do you wish for?
Ledsoul Studio offers several creative design services, these include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Website consultation
  • Concept and Character Design (sketchbook)
  • Illustration
    • Childrens and Adult book interior or cover art
    • Technical diagrams
    • Newsprint editorials
    • Brochure art
    • Pencil Portraiture
  • Cartooning
    • Comic book Penciling
    • Gag and Sequential Comic
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If the job / project you need is not in one of the above categories, by all means please ask me and we can discuss your needs. Creative Consultation is one of my better skills that I often give at no charge. (Contact Me)


My wish list...

PC Tablet

A sweet PC Tablet,
with the stylus and the swivel top monitor panel.

Got it!


A smooth fully function Printer
(So many die in less than a year! Why?!)

mmmm Job
Got it!

Welll... Begars cant be choosers no? But its nice to have a dream, heheh
I imagine Ill have some of these eventually.